SLUGO returns to Southeastern Friday

SLUGO flyer- photograph by Robert Pecarrere

SLUGO flyer- photograph by Robert Pecarrere





[Hammond]- The Association for Computing Machinery will host SLUGO again this semester in Fayard Hall Room 107 and 109 on Friday. The event will last from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Dennis M. Dale, president of Southeastern’s chapter of Association for Computing Machinery and computer science major, said “SLUGO is the ACM’s hosting of a LAN party fundraiser for the students of Southeastern. We have a bunch of tournaments there and a bunch of gamers all over Southeastern can come over there just to hang out, participate in tournaments and have some fun.”

Students can expect tournaments for currently popular games. Dale said they are holding tournaments for:

  • “League of Legends”
  • “Call of Duty: Black Ops”
  • “Team Fortress 2”
  • “FIFA 13”
  • “Counter-Strike”
  • “Primal Carnage” sponsored by an independent development studio called LukeWarm Media.

Dale said, “We also have door prizes. A raffle goes on for the participants of SLUGO.”

Some students are already getting excited for the event. Michael Burdick, computer science major and a regular at SLUGO, said, “I love it. I go every year. I’ve gone every single time. It’s a fun and a nice way for people to get together. There are tournaments, sometimes, even for some of these tournaments there are prizes. Last year, at the ‘Tekken’ tournament, the winner got 50$ to Amazon. I came in second place. There is definitely a reason to come and to try and win.”

Burdick purchased a Wii and a game in order to prepare for the next tournament. Burdick said, “I’m actually looking forward to the ‘Super Smash Bros. Brawl’ tournament. I actually went out and bought a Wii and a brand new copy of ‘Brawl’ just to practice up for this one.”

An admittance fee of 5$ will allow participants access to a majority of the tournaments. For more information about SLUGO or the Association for Computing Machinery, e-mail Dennis M. Dale at or visit

Michael Burdick and Hunter Pena- photograph by Robert Pecarrere

Michael Burdick and Hunter Pena- photograph by Robert Pecarrere

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