SLU Lady Cubs

January 31, 2012
Lady Cubs
[HAMMOND]- SLU’s Lady Cubs meeting was held Monday, Jan. 30, in the Student Activity Center. This was the first meeting for the spring semester of 2012. There were only five members who attended the meeting to address the upcoming events and tryouts. Jaisierra Walker, Victory Raby, Brittany Raymond, Alex Martian, and Yakira Gant were among the five member present.

Jaisierra Walker, the president of the Lady Cubs, spoke about the new requirements for the team. Walker said, “Ok ladies it’s a new semester and a fresh start so why not have new faces to go along with our bright personalities?” She also stated, “We really need to work on getting a grant so we can have better uniforms and traveling opportunities.” Tryouts will be held Feb. 1, in the SAC at 7 pm sharp. Ladies must wear black leotards,cream tights, and wear their hair pulled from the face. Jewelry is prohibited.

Brittany Raymond, the former vice president, was present mainly for support to hand over her position to Victoria Raby, a three-year member, who is strictly dedicated to the group. Brittany stated, “It’s been an honor knowing and teaching you ladies different things over the past years, but I’m graduating in May and it would be my pleasure handing over the position to Victoria A.K.A “Pucker”. I inquired about this name, Pucker, and how Victoria adopted the name. Alex then answered, “As a closer bond of the group we gave each other nick names to match our dancing personalities, she had Pucker because when she performs she has to puck her lips out to show greater emotion.”

Later in the meeting, Jaisierra informed the ladies that tryouts will be held soon and after the new team is formed there will be a sleepover to welcome the new ladies. Jaisierra also noted, “twice every week the ladies will meet up stairs in the Student Activity Center and run around the track to stay in shape.” The Lady Cubs members discussed how practice will be held in the SAC on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-9:30pm starting Feb. 7, and the day before performances at 5 am and 7:30pm mandatory. If there are any questions or concerns, may contact Jaisierra on Facebook.


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