SLU BCM Director Passes the Torch

Jonathan LeFleur has been the Baptist Collegiate Ministry director for the past year and a half. During his stay here The BCM has seen a lot of growth both in the visible number of people attending and in variety of outreach.

Jonathan LeFleur will be leaving the BCM after the fall 2010 semester. He is currently studying for a Master’s in Divinity at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

He will be replaced by Jonathan Clark, who is currently serving as the assistant BCM director at Louisiana Tech.

The BCM often invites students to fellowship. The current desire of the students involved at the BCM is to reach, renew and release. This means that they wish to connect with other students on Campus for Christ. Then the BCM members want to disciple, teach fellowship and love with those students, and then release them back out into the campus and world.

Joe Kovacs, the current BCM intern, said that the BCM’s worship services on Thursday night contain almost 150 people most nights, although right before finals the crowd can be smaller.

Johnny Breaux said “The B has seen a lot of growth, people getting discipled, lots of friends have been made here” Johnny Breaux is on the leadership team at the BCM while also being a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity.

The leadership team is a collection of students that serve in helping the BCM run. They usually are the go=to people for missions ministry and whatever current activities take place at the BCM

The times when the BCM members and others who like to attend are usually free lunch Wednesday’s at 12:00 p.m. and the “Fuse” worship service at “7:30” p.m. At these times large crowds of students can be found at the BCM enjoying each other’s company and just getting to know each other.

The BCM also has small groups called “covenant groups” where students can learn about God and the Christian faith from the BCM leadership team, as well as getting to know their fellow students better.

You can contact the BCM at the following link or just visit right across the street from the Southeastern Athletics Center.

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