Skating into the semester

Campus Activities Board brought an ice skating rink to campus on Tuesday. 

Students had the opportunity to take a break from the heat, or at least pretend to, and ice skate on an artificial rink that was brought in and set up outside of the student union. There were four hours of fun and a lot of falling down, an entertainment for participants as well as onlookers passing through on the way to class.

Freshman Sydney Gressaffa said, “It was very interesting seeing all of the different students of Southeastern skating in over 70 degree weather. Everyone had a lot of fun and seemed to be worth all of the falling down.”

The rink provided skates for the participants, all that was asked of students was to bring socks, as advertised on CAB’s social media. CAB hosts frequent events on campus each semester, and a calendar can be found here.

Junior Alec Jones said, “It’s cool that CAB can keep coming up with new things to bring to campus. Who would think that we would have the opportunity to ice skate in the middle of the union? I’m glad they had this event to swing us into the semester.”

CAB hosts movie nights multiple times a month, and their next event will be on Valentine’s Day.

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