Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds performs for Fanfare

[HAMMOND] – Lead singer Arleigh Kincheloe refuses to take music too seriously. Her band rocks to the beat of their own drum.

The up-and-coming band Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds visited Hammond on Oct. 22 to play live at the Columbia Theatre for Fanfare. Here is their website.

The members of the band said that Kincheloe writes all of the songs, melodies and lyrics. They then collaborate to arrange them.

“New Orleans is our spirit animal,” said Sasha Brown, who plays the lead guitar. He added that Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds bridges the gap between what people hear on the radio and what reminds them of home.

Brian Graham plays every kind of saxophone, with tenor and baritone saxophones being the primary ones in Sister Sparrow. These give the band an old New Orleans sound.

Kincheloe said New Orleans is one of her favorite places and influences her music. She began singing with her parents’ band at the age of 9 and has been singing since. Not only has Kincheloe drawn inspiration from family, she currently plays with her brother Jackson, the band’s harmonica player.

The performance featured a rich blues sound, and the lead singer Kincheloe had a raspy, jazzy voice. Kincheloe’s voice and dancing characterized her stage presence.

Kincheloe said her goal is to make people be happy and have a good time.

For four years, Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds have been touring and building their fan base, according to Brown. The band has been together for seven years as of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

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