Silver Screen Society Screens “The Killer”

[HAMMOND] – On Thursday, the Silver Screen Society held its first meeting of the semester in McClimans to view John Woo’s “The Killer.”

The organization’s advisor Dr. Jason Landrum said, “I chose this movie because it is both entertaining and educational, which is the mission of the club.”

The Silver Screen Society is open to all Southeastern students, faculty and staff. The club exposes members to movies they may have never seen before.

The club focuses mainly on classic, foreign and independent films. The only requirement for the movies screened is that they are not mainstream.

Dr. Landrum said, “We pick movies that are significant to film history in some way, whether it’s a cinematic innovation, a performance, a particular depiction, or a cult object.”

Club’s President Jessica Lee joined the club in the fall of 2011. Jessica said, “I just love the medium, and I’m hoping to screen write, so it’s relevant to see as many films as I can. It’s a very informal club, which I like.”

The Silver Screen Society meets every week, and the members of the club choose the films the club screens. Dr. Landrum said, “The club is made up primarily of people who love to watch movies in a friendly environment.”

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