Sigma Tau Delta booking their way to Conference

Sigma Tau Delta is holding its 15th annual book sale on Jan. 31- Feb. 2 in D. Vickers Hall. The cost ranges from $2-$3 for books, while the buttons are $1. Faculty members and other departments donated books for the sale.

Sherri Craig (left) assists customer.

Sherri Craig, a faculty advisor for Sigma Tau Delta, introduced the button sale six years ago. “Buttons were actually my idea. My husband’s an artist and we make buttons for conventions that he goes to,” she said.

The elite club holds the book sale fundraiser to raise money for their members to attend their annual conference. This year, the conference will be in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sigma Tau Delta is an English honor’s society. Two English classes and a minimum 3.0 GPA are required for membership.

Students can participate in the English club if they do not met these requirements, which offers the same benefits as Sigma Tau Delta. “We have a writing retreat and a creative writer’s club, which is a subset of the English club.” Craig said.

Sherri Craig and Shianne Melancon take over D. Vickers Hall with a book sale.

The club also gives networking opportunities. “It’s a good way to connect with other students from different universities. It’s also a good way to look at other universities for Master’s Degree,” Sherri Craig said.

Books allow other members to connect with one another. “I like the people in the club. I get to learn more about books and get the chance to be myself.” Shianne Melancon, a member of Sigma Tau Delta, said.

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