SHRM supports Our Daily Bread Food Bank

The Society for Human Resource Management Organization is hosting a food drive in front of Garrett Hall beginning Jan. 26.

The organization’s president, Wayne Crawford, said, “Our organization contacted Our Daily Bread Food Bank and received a food bin from them. We have placed the food bin and their banner in front of Garrett Hall.”

The bin will remain in front of Garrett Hall for one month and SHRM hopes that it will be filled with dry and canned goods.

Crawford said, “We are encouraging anyone to help us fill the bin.” The food collected will be donated to Our Daily Bread Food Bank in Hammond.

The organization’s vice president, Heather Miletello, said, “SHRM is very excited about the food drive because it is our first community outreach this semester. The nonperishable foods will be distributed to those in need throughout our community.”

“We are extremely happy that we can help the food bank in such a way,” Crawford said. “We love to not only participate in human resource related events but also be able to help our community.”

Miletello said, “There is an unexplainable joy that comes from helping others, especially those in need. I have been blessed to have been provided with all of the essentials of life such as food, clothing and a home. It breaks my heart to think of the many people living without these necessities. If there is anything I can do, like helping out with the food drive, I am more than thrilled to do so.”

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