Sharp Shooter

[HAMMOND] Zack Sharp earns the title as the winner of the Spring 2018 Southeastern pool tournament. Southeastern Campus Activities Board held a pool tournament in the game room of the student union at 6 pm Wednesday evening. Many students spent hours practicing for this event. Rivals came to settle the score. Over half the students were players who had been practicing for months just to beat one opponent. The public favorite was Shelby Eisworth but in the end Sharp came out on top.


“I did not think I was going to win. It was a tough game, we both shot really well. I would like to say that my last two matches against Shelby Eisworth and Termal Allen were the most challenging.” said Sharp.

Students such as Gregory Jacob came for the fun and experience of playing in a tournament. “It was really exciting. I lost in the first round but when I signed up my intentions weren’t really to win it was more for the experience because this is my first pool tournament so even though I didn’t win I’m still glad that I got to play.” said Jacob.


While this was an exciting event for students, it does take planning to put on. CAB has held this event multiple times and have learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. “The hardest part is getting the word out to people and getting them to stick around because people come early in the day but then they leave and forget about it.” said Gabrielle Levet “Before I was here they did a glow in the dark tournament which was bad because it’s hard to see in the dark and I heard that the prizes weren’t that great.”




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