SGA Reviews New Provision

By Tabitha May

Hammond- On Monday, Sept. 13 Southeastern Louisiana University’s Student Government Association discussed changes to be made to the campus’s constitution upon student votes.

SGA President David Cavell expressed his support for the university’s constitution changes stating ,” The changes would benefit the student body as a whole.”

Cavell explained the changes would affect organizational travel grants by giving them their own policy in which administration and students could make decisions together without the approval from the senate.

Changes to the constitution also include a simplification of qualifications for the position of SGA president, vice president and chief of justice.

If approved, future presidential candidates would be required to have 45 credit hours at Southeastern, no academic or disciplinary probation and a 2.5 GPA.  While candidates for vice-president would need  a 2.5 GPA and no academic or disciplinary probation to run for office.

The changes to the constitution also include the elimination of all paid SGA positions and ticket votes, meaning certain positions will no longer be paying positions and candidates for president and vice-president will run their own separate ballots with a limited budget for campaigning.

This provision would reduce the number of students who would join the organization only to get paid, as well as, make it easier for students to get involved and run for office.

An additional change will be made which would rid the SGA of committees and instead have students become “General members”. seeing as there are not enough chairs for the 200 plus students interested in being a member of the SGA. No student will be denied entrance into the organization based on a lack of positions to be filled.

Cavell plans to send out a mass e-mail to every student containing all changes to the constitution in time for it to be considered and then voted upon on the homecoming ballot.

If student votes approve the changes will go into effect next spring.

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