SGA organizational grants are no longer offered

[HAMMOND] With the budget cuts still in the view of Southeastern Louisiana University, grants have taken a hit.

The 2012-2013 SGA Travel grant application.

Branden Summers, student government president, said, ”Last year, we gave out three grants: organizational, travel and departmental. This year, unfortunately, due to cuts and everything, we had to eliminate organizational so we’re only going to be doing travel and departmental this year.”

The reasons for this decision have pointed to the low volume of applications. Megan Wiggins, vice president of SGA said, “We, like the rest of Southeastern, had to look at budget cuts and re-evaluate. We decided that we wanted to do grants that were in the most demand and benefitted the most students, and those were travel.

Summers said, “Since we cut out organizational, we’re able to put some of that money that we cut out in other aspects like travel since travel has been our most popular grant the last year or two. We’re putting more money into that because we’ve been running out before the end of the semester.”

Another action that was previously discussed in the spring semester by the SGA officers was moving the grant process online.“It’s just easier for us as far as paperwork to see it all online to transfer it to different committee members to email it out to all the senate so they can see it too,” Higgins said.

Since the grant application is going online, grant workshops are also no longer required. Summers said, ”We’re going to have the whole SGA grant online. If you do need help or something’s wrong with your grant, we’ll email you and ask you to come in.”

Even with these changes, most of the guidelines remain the similar to last year, “It’s pretty much the same process. We still ask you to get everything in four weeks prior just to give enough time,” said Summers.

Travel grants remain obtainable for individual students up to $500 and up to $1,500 for groups. Applicants for departmental grants can receive up to $1,800. For more information, visit the SGA website.

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