SGA offers biscuits to assist busy students

Southeastern’s Student Government Association gave away free breakfast and exam supplies to students walking through the Student Union Mall Tuesday morning.

SGA holds this event, Stress Less Breakfast, every semester during exams week. Members of the organization distribute biscuits and exam supplies such as various Scantron forms, Blue Book test booklets and pencils.

SGA Table

SGA members Isabel Alber (left) and Harley Arrington stand at SGA’s table, ready to hand out free biscuits.

“We give everything for free,” said Isabel Alber, chief of staff for SGA and a senior marketing major. “I think we got like 860 biscuits, and we get rid of them every day.”

Many students stopped to partake of the complimentary offerings. A music speaker playing pop songs helped draw the attention of passers-by.

“I think it’s very helpful,” sophomore computer science major Alex Gondolfi said of the event. Gondolfi received a biscuit as well as a Scantron form.

SGA hosts Stress Less Breakfast to help students during the busy exam week.

“That’s what SGA stands for,” said Maggie Sauter, a freshman senator in SGA. “SGA strives to make students happy and to benefit them in any way.”

The setup for the event was relatively simple: a table, a music speaker, a portable warmer for storing biscuits and inventory sheets. SGA asked anyone taking a free Scantron to sign this sheet, which keeps track of how many of which types of Scantrons students receive each week.

Stress Less Breakfast Ad

The Student Union Mall location provides the event exposure to students walking to and from exams.

“Free Scantrons are given out every single day; you can go up to the SGA office and get them,” Sauter said. “I didn’t know about it until I joined SGA, and I know a lot of people aren’t aware of it. They’ll pass us up, pass up the office and go to the bookstore and buy stuff, even though they’re free right upstairs.”

SGA members worked at the table Monday and Tuesday from 7-9 a.m. The event moved outdoors to the Student Union Mall on Tuesday from its location inside the Union on Monday morning. “We’ve gotten a lot more traffic out here,” Alber said.

Stress Less Breakfast offered a fast, easy solution to students who may have been too busy studying for exams to eat breakfast.

“Everybody loves it,” said Alber.

The SGA members working at the table found a mostly positive response to what they were doing. “It really brightens people’s day up when you offer them a biscuit,” Sauter said.

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