SGA Meetings Agendas to be Posted on Website

According to the Webmaster of SGA, Ashish Acharya, the public will be able to access agendas for public meetings on SGA’s website after spring break.

The posting of agendas has been spotty at best in the SGA. Acharya has cited problems with the computer system causing difficulties in updating the SGA website as a reason. SGA began posting meeting agendas for the spring 2012 semester on a bulletin board outside of SGA’s office the week of March 19. However, agendas were not posted for the week of April 2, just before spring break, and have not been posted for the required 24 hours previous to meetings.

As a public governing body, SGA is required by law to give written public notice of what is to be covered at each meeting. Vice President of SGA MJ Ahmad said, “This week we had a situation with the agenda. There was a last-minute change in the agenda so I had to redo it the day of,” he said, referring to Monday, and explained that his busy schedule prevented him from posting the agendas on Monday. However, agendas were never posted that week.

SGA coordinator Rachel Bourgeois said, “I know that Luke’s been taking care of it, but honestly it should be MJ,” referring to SGA President Luke Holloway. “Collage is the program that Southeastern uses to update the websites. They’re working on updating the system, and Ashish who is wonderful at what he does, he said he would have to downgrade the computer. Internet Explorer 8 is too upgraded for Collage.”

According to Acharya, Southeastern upgrades Internet Explorer every week as well, making it even more difficult for him to update the website.

“Rachel and I are meeting over Spring Break and we’re going to figure it all out. Mainly agendas,” said Acharya. “The whole Spring Break, I’m going to work the whole time. When Brandon the new president, he gets his office, he’s going to have a new webmaster, so I’m just finishing everything up for them.”

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