SGA plans for the university

[HAMMOND] Southeastern Student Government Association leaders have plans for Southeastern Louisiana University. Branden Summers, president-elect of SGA, and Megan Wiggins, vice president-elect, discussed their ideas for a growing campus.

Summers said the future includes submitting grant applications online.”We’re still in the process of developing that it depends if the website can handle that because it’s in the process of how everything is webbed and logged.”

The officers also want to explore the possible growth in the Lion Traxx bus system. Wiggins said,”We have already discussed the Lion Traxx expansion.” Summers said,”We still have to research the potential of having the service because we have to find the funds necessary.”

Kayla Turner, the SGA Chief of Justice-elect, was unable to be reached for an interview but she also mentioned ideas she would like to enforce while in office. During her speech for the SGA election debate on Mar. 6, she said,”One thing that I would like to see happen is beginning of the full week of every academic semester I would like to see a parking rules and regulation workshop.” It would be opened to all students receiving a parking decal.

“I want the students to know what’s going on at all times,” Wiggins said. She mentioned during the SGA elections her goal for transparency. During the interview Wiggins added,”We’re also going to have our text messages service that we will be implemented to update the students with news and events.”

Agendas were posted on the bulletin board next to the SGA office for two weeks until recently where the previous documents were removed and an agenda of the April 2 meeting was not displayed.

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