SGA Legislation Passed on Agendas

Previous Webmaster for SGA Ashish Acharya has posted SGA meeting agendas on and plans have been made for postings to continue in the upcoming semesters.

SGA Bylaw Amendment SP12-46 was passed on April 16, and stated that Senate and Committee meeting minutes will be published weekly. The original law stated specific rules governing Senate and Senate Committee executive sessions being called, namely that no final or binding action shall be taken during an executive session. It also stated that a majority vote will be necessary for regular or special session meetings.

“We’re going to certainly follow any rules that we need to follow,” said SGA coordinator Rachel Bourgeois.

Due to complications with the SGA website, SGA will continue to post meeting agendas on

“Within one minute it was up, and it was amazing. The website is great, I love it. And it’s so easy to use,” said Acharya.

The last agendas for the semester have been posted, and meetings will start up again next semester.

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