SGA Holds Its Final Meetings

Southeastern’s SGA held one of its final meetings in Fayard 107 at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 24.

The meeting began with opening remarks from SGA President, Erin Fernandez, and advisor, Pam Rault. Rault spoke highly of the organization’s current officers, including Fernandez who is graduating in May.

The meeting was ran by Vice President, Gabrielle Reynolds, where the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity’s request for $1,000 in order to fund their study session was granted. The request was approved by all members of the SGA.

Rault also announced that the organization’s final meeting will be held on Monday, May 1 where they will be taking pictures for the yearbook and say their final goodbyes for the semester.

To receive a copy of the SGA’s meeting agenda, contact Vice President, Gabrielle Reynolds at

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