SGA helping for Dashain

Oct. 19 The Student Government Association Senate granted $1,740 towards helping the Dashain celebration that was being held by the Nepalese Students Association on Oct. 24 at Southeastern Louisiana University.

“Dashain is for everyone on and off campus to celebrate. At Southeastern we have a high number of students from the Himalayas. We hold one of the biggest Dashain banquets in the U.S. sending a message that SLU has a good international mixture.” Dr. George Gibson, one of the main organizers, said during the senate meeting.

Dashain is a festival held in Nepal. This celebration is held in October to celebrate the victory of good over evil. The banquet featured a big buffet dinner so Nepalese students can celebrate one of the biggest festivals held in their country.

“Dashain is the equivalent of Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is a time for young men and women working in the cities to go home and be with their families.” Prayush Pokharel, senator, said.

This buffet gives students a way to celebrate Dashain, as well as, bring a nice cultural mix to Southeastern. This celebration exposes others at Southeastern to the Nepal culture and food. Students who are from Nepal can see how accepting Southeastern is towards international students and why they should come and attend Southeastern.

“This helps show international students why they should come here.” Gibson said.

“I know a lot of students from the Himalayas who can’t fly back home so I think this is a good way to help make the festival more for them.” DeQuaz Humphries, senator said during the senate meeting.

The SGA senate granted the money so it could be put towards getting extra supplies and ingredients being used to make traditional Nepalese food in the buffet. It was also requested to help the NSA rent out the Southeastern ballroom for longer time, for the event.


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