SGA elections approaching

[HAMMOND]- SGA is currently preparing for the elections which opens on Mar. 12, and ends Mar. 14. The candidates running for senator-at-large, judicial, and vice presidential seats will present themselves to the student body in the Student Union Theatre. The judicial candidates are Megan Wiggins and Shawndreka Gatlin.

”I know the caliber of the people that are running. I have the privilege of working with most of them if not all of them,” said Luke Holloway, current president of SGA, who is also graduating in May.

William Takewell, chief justice of SGA, took part in handling the 2012 General Elections debate on Mar. 6.

”William Takewell, the chief justice, has done a great job with this committee just on forming the debate, so that everybody can come forward and show what they want to do for Southeastern in terms of what positive direction it can go,” said Holloway.

Holloway has confidence in the upcoming officials, and he looks forward to the progress. “I am excited how far we’re going to go,” said Holloway.

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