SGA discusses new bills

On March 10, the Student Government Association held their weekly meeting which began at 5:07 p.m. SGA discussed several bills during the meeting and they voted for “Senator of the Year” for their annual SGA banquet.

“Senator of the Year” is an award given to one of the senators who has done outstanding work within SGA. The association plans to give the award to the senator during their annual SGA banquet.

SGA voted in favor of several bills that were discussed. The SGA president, Erin Fernandez presented a bill that would provide students with free breakfast during finals week.

“Stress less breakfast is something that SGA has done in the past. We didn’t get the chance to do it last semester,” Fernandez said. The association plans to serve biscuits from May 8 – 9. It will give students the chance to take a much-needed break from their finals.
SGA ruled in favor of serving breakfast before the trip to the state capitol for ULS Day at the Capital. University of Louisiana System is the higher education state system. “Students and faculty members all go to the capital to show support for the system,” Fernandez said.

Super Sigma Study is a bill that was floored because the committee fell ill. They were not able to discuss it.

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