SGA begins recruitment for Big Event

On March 1, SGA began recruitment for its Big Event community service project.

The Big Event is one big day of community service during which the Southeastern Campus gives back to the surrounding areas of Hammond and Ponchatoula.

Executive Director William Takewell said, “We are recruiting two things: job sites from businesses in the community and homeowners in the community. We are also recruiting students, faculty and staff to participate in our day of service.”

Last year, students and staff of Southeastern volunteered over 1,200 hours of service to the Hammond and Ponchatoula communities through various projects at 34 different service sites.

“The students who take the time out of their busy schedule for a day of giving back are what make the Big Event so successful. We are always busy but for one day we are able to come together for one common goal and that is to give back to the community that has given us so much” said,  Assistant Director, Branden Summers.

William Takewell said, “My goal for our event this year is to have at least 1,000 student participants and to have 60 job sites. Last year was our first year ,and that was great ,but we want the Big Event to keep growing and growing!”

The Big Event will take place April 21. “Success in my opinion is helping anyone, regardless of how big the event is,” Takewell said.

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