Sex Trafficking rises in New Orleans french quarter area


screenshot picture of the ATC report

As holidays and major city events approach, sex-trafficking in New Orleans, Louisiana has rapidly grown to a higher percentage.

In efforts to crack down on sex-trafficking and create awareness throughout the French quarter area, many clubs and bars set mandatory meetings for employers and employees to attend. These meetings were put in place help service industry workers develop the proper knowledge and to interpret and recognize signs of sex-trafficking.

The meeting was held in New Orleans at the Omni Royal Orleans hotel. According to Jorge a employee in the service industry.

“Throughout the meeting they used a bunch of pictures of different people some of rappers, entertainers and others of regular people as examples of what pimps looked like said, Jorge.” Jorge also stated that throughout the meeting that they would give random scenarios and ask that the audience participate in guessing if those scenarios were about sex-trafficking.

After attending the mandatory meeting and receiving the training, all employees were told to practice and apply these methods while working in the service industry. According to Jorge employers were also encourage to make sure that these methods were being used.

During the Halloween weekend, the ATC monitored clubs and local bars in the French quarter area, in an undercover operation called ‘Operation Trick or Treat’. But this operation was not only looking for sex-trafficking and prostitution, it covered illegal drug sales and distribution of alcohol.

The release of the ATC official report states that more than five bars in the French quarter area, had illegal activity and several others are facing charges. The report also quotes Commissioner Hebert saying that the “ATC is keeping a close eye on what’s going on in the French Quarter” and that the operation is still pending.

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