Several Students Find Solace in Big Nintendo Announcement

Nintendo officially announced the 5th iteration of the Super Smash Brothers series for release in 2018. This comes as big news for fans as this was Nintendo’s first announcement relating to the series in nearly two years.

Freshman Logan Aime said, “Everyone knew there would be a new Smash for the Switch, (Nintendo’s most recent home console) but the delay was starting to get worrisome.” Aime said that every iteration of Smash since the first one for the Nintendo 64 was released alongside the console as Nintendo knew it would sell well.

Smash for the Switch was announced nearly a year and a half since the release of the Switch, breaking the release day trend.

With a new game on the horizon, the old fans shared mixed feelings of optimism and fear.

Junior Gabrielle Nguyen said, “I am very excited to hear about a new Smash; there’s a lot to look forward too in new characters and reveal trailers. Nintendo always makes cinematic trailers when revealing new characters.”

Freshman Brandon Scott said, “I think Smash 4 is a great game that is maturing nicely. While I’m not saying a new iteration couldn’t be good, the bar is set really high and I think it is bound to fall short.”

Southeastern Louisiana University has had an emerging collective of students showing passion and interest in a variety of video games. The most popular title among games in the Student Union is Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U. From Thursday, March 1 to Wednesday, March 14, Smash bros was played in at least one booth every school day, including Fridays. The students playing this game are a consistent group of 17 people who take turns reserving a booth and keeping the space occupied even when the console owner is not present.

58% of Smash bros fans at SELU said that they think the new Smash will be better than Smash 4 while 11% said it would be just as good. 29% said that they dont expect the game to be as good as its predecessor.

According to Nguyen, Smash bros is the game of choice since the series is easy to get into.

Nguyen said, “I think our group plays Smash mostly because it can be played both casually and competitively.”

Southeastern Alumni John Hunley said, that the way the new Smash Bros game was announced was particularly interesting. It was disguised as a teaser for some Splatoon content until halfway into the video a drastic mod shift revealed the iconic Smash bros Logo. “That logo means that Inkling (the protagonist of Splatoon) will be a playable character,” he said.

Hunley also said that the dramatic mood shift of the trailer only helped build the hype. “I still feel a sense of epicness at that reveal. If each character reveal is like this one its gonna be intense for sure.”

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