Seniors perform last dance

Despite the fact that Southeastern does not have a dance major, three senior dancers were the featured performers for a senior concert titled “Impressions of the Sole.” The concert took place Tuesday, March 15 in Pottle Auditorium in front of an audience of family, friends, and students.

Seniors Nicole Judson, Kaleigh Brandt, and Ashili Tallo served as the artistic directors for the concert in addition to being the featured dancers. Besides the three seniors, the concert featured 11 dancers who are members of the Moxie Dance Project, which is Southeastern’s dance organization.

The concert consisted of 12 routines featuring music from artists such as Adele, Mumford and Sons and Linkin Park. The routines featured ballet, modern dance and jazz dance. At the conclusion of each routine, the dancers received applause from the audience.

Two of the routines performed have received special recognition. “Vague Variations” choreographed by Judson was performed at the 2010 Gala Concert at the American College Dance Festival. “3025 William Tell” choreographed by Brandt will be performed next month at the festival.

The final routine for the concert featured a routine performed by the three senior dancers, which marked the last time the trio performed together as Southeastern students.

“Performing next to them last night on the stage for the last time was definitely memorable and something that can never be forgotten,” Judson said after the show. “The finale dance with just the three of us was a perfect ending to a great story we all told through our dances and dancers last night.”

With the concert being the main dance semester of the semester, audience members were supportive throughout, applauding after each routine.

Junior education major Danielle Houser commented on the show afterward.

“I really enjoyed the concert,” said Houser. “The choreography by the three seniors was excellent and the dancers performed well during each routine.”

With it being their final dance, the seniors hope their concert was one that the audience enjoyed.

“It was amazing,” said Brandt. “We have so many stories to tell through movement and I think the audience was able to witness it. It truly was an impression of the sole, our souls.”

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