SGA Senate meeting

Nov. 16 the Student Government Association Senate passed two grants during their weekly meeting. They granted $7,175 to sponsor the 2016 Emerging Leaders Retreat and $1,234 to SGA in which they can get biscuits for the Stress Less Breakfast.

By granting the $7,175 for the SGA 2016 Emerging Leaders Retreat will not only benefit the students in the SGA but anyone who is looking how to get more involved on campus.

“It was an amazing experience I was able to meet and make more friends,” Senator Aabishkar Timalsina said, during the meeting about last years Emerging Leaders Retreat.

The money will be used to get things like snacks, transportation, shirts and other supplies. The retreat will help students understand how they can get more involved with organizations like SGA on campus and learn new leadership skills.

The Senate also granted the SGA with $1,234 for the upcoming Stress Less Breakfast. This is to help relieve stressed out students during finals week.

“We want to help out students who are stressed out during finals this is one way to show the SGA is there for them,” SGA President Alexis Quackenbush said, during the meeting.

Since the price for the biscuits have gone up in the last year the grant was amended from $800 to $1,234 to purchase 600 biscuits. The SGA will have 300 biscuits each day to hand out to any student who would like one.

Senator Harley Arrington said, “This is a very nice way to help out stressed students during their finals.”

The Stress Less Breakfast will be held by the SGA Dec. 7 and 8, from 7-9 a.m. in the Student Union.





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