SELU Students Prepare for Priority Registration

Priority registration, which started on Monday, gives students a chance to secure their classes for spring semester.  Priority registration allows them to schedule the classes that they want and need before the classes close and choose the right professor that best suits them. Upperclassmen can register as early as 8 a.m.,but freshman and sophomores have to wait a little longer to secure their classes.

Hosea Jones, a junior studying mechanical engineering, had the privilege of choosing his classes at 8 a.m. He discusses how important it is to get his classes.


Junior, Hosea Jones gets ready to select his classes

“It is definitely a good thing to have early registration, especially in my major,” said Jones. “If there is a class that I need to take that is extremely important to my major, priority registration makes sure that that class is available to me.”

“Just knowing that I am a step closer to earning my degree makes it all the better too.” He said.

Students are to get advised before participation in priority registration. If any students have not been advised, contact your adviser through email or online advising on LeoNet.


Priority registration ends on Friday at 12:30 p.m..

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