SELU SGA approves grant to Languages and Communication Department

Southeastern University’s Languages and Communication Department will once again be hosting an International Night for students this fall, due to the grant approved by the student government on Monday.

Language and Communication Department representative Marta Gumpert presented the grant application to the SGA at Monday’s meeting. Gumpert spoke highly of International Night, and the SGA agreed with her. An overwhelming majority voted to approve the grant.

Gumpert said, “There will be music and performances from different countries.” She went on to explain that the bulk of the night’s expenses is the catered buffet of international cuisine. Desserts, however, are provided by the international students.

SGA member Ryan Zellner, a senior, said, “I’ve been to International Night for the past three years, and I think that it’s a great thing that you do.”

Greg Crovetto, SGA president, addressed the student government body after Gumpert left the meeting. He made the point that when voting on the approval of a grant that they should ask the representative prying questions to be sure the SGA’s money is being spent appropriately.

Corvetto informed those at the meeting that the SGA has a budget of around $130,000, but went on to say “that [number] is going to go substantially lower because of FanFare coming up, Homecoming coming up, and we allocate Study Abroad scholarships. So we have around $70,000 to play with.”

Jeff Simmons, SGA Vice President, said, “We want to give money to the students that actually need it stuff that isn’t going to be just thrown away to the wind and is going to benefit the entire student body.”


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