SELU Delts party Halloween style

Southeastern fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, hosted its annual Halloween costume social, last Thursday.

Delta Tau Delta held their annual Halloween costume social attracting over 100 guests. The social was held privately at the Event Center LaMaison Celebrazione in Hammond. Ladies from the various sororities on the campus, as well as non-Greek affiliated women, dressed up and linked arms with the gentlemen of Delta Tau Delta to celebrate the spirit of Halloween.

Delt Halloween Social 2015; Photo Credits: Amanda Lally

Delt Halloween Social 2015; Photo Credits: Amanda Lally

Over the past few years, the Delt Tau Delta Halloween social has become a prime staple for their organization. Hours of planning were put into making the event live up to the excitement of last years social, which was held at the Mezzanine in Hammond.

Delta Tau Delta Halloween Social 2015

Delta Tau Delta Halloween Social 2015; Pictured: Seth Leto and Amanda Ballouk; Photo Credits: Scott Chaisson Jr.

“I have been in Greek life for three years now, and I can honestly say that I love this social so much. The Delts know how to through an amazing social and never seem to let me down,” Katy Clayton, Delta Tau Delta Halloween social attendee, said.

“I was asked a few weeks ago to attend the social, and I felt the pressure of what I should dress as. I wanted to have the prefect costume because it was my first time going to the social. But I had the greatest time,” Kayla Scurich, Delta Tau Delta Halloween social attendee, said.



“I am so glad that this year was a success as it has in the past. With the new venue, we had a lot more room to spread out and do our thing. It is definitely great to be part of an organization that can just hangout and have a good time,” Seth Leto, Delta Tau Delta fraternity member, said.

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