Selected Southeastern’s dual SPED majors will conduct the annual Summer Enhancement camp at Southeastern’s Lab school

Summer Enhancement Camp

April 11

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Photos provided by Dr. Lemoine and collage created by Alexis Minor


Southeastern’s dual special education majors are selected to be teachers in charge of conducting the annual Summer Enhancement Camp put on by Southeastern Louisiana University and Hammond’s community.

Dr. Melanie Lemoine, Southeastern’s SPED instructor said, “approximately 65-75 campers are expected to attend this year’s camp, along with 10-12 teacher candidates who will conduct the classes in pairs.”

The mandatory criteria for students to be considered for teacher candidacy are to have completed the special education and general education method’s courses that are offered by both professors. The students must also be in the dual certification program for general education and special education majors.

The camp is a four week, half-day, academic intensive program that is held at Southeastern’s Lab school from May 31- June 22. It is for children grades kindergarten through eighth grade and the cost of attendance is $175, which includes the field trip cost.



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