Communication students travel to Tennessee

Southeastern communication students are scheduled to compete in Tennessee. There are 21 students who will head to the University of Tennessee-Martin on Feb. 9, and there are 14 categories to compete in including current events, public relations and multimedia.

Dr. Amber Narro, faculty advisor of the Press Club, states that she looks forward to the bonding experience that occurs between the students. Dr. Narro said, “The competition is a great tool for the students to network, not only with other Southeastern students, but with students from other schools as well.”

Amanda Borne, who will be competing for the second time in the public relations category, said, “Last year, SEJC was a very rewarding experience. It exposed me to other students and faculty from other universities and opened my eyes to a world of public relations that I want to learn more about.”

Claire Salinas will compete in the current events category. Salinas discussed how she would prepare,“I want to add all the major news organizations to my twitter feed. I also plan on doing daily research both online and in the library.” She is also excited about the opportunity to meet new people. Salinas, who just learned of her category on Tuesday, said she is ready for the challenge.

Southeastern students are ready to take on the competition and hope their hard work is recognized during the awards banquet.

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