Secrets from the suitcase: Packing tips with Sarah Balli

[LONDON] – Packing for a trip abroad can seem like a trivial task. Knowing the woes of overpacking and outfit decisions, Sarah Balli shared her favorite way to help ease the dilemma.

Balli, a theatre design major at Southeastern, wanted to keep things classic while packing for her trip abroad.

“Packing a capsule wardrobe for London was the obvious choice. Choosing key pieces that I could wear again and again is smart for the weight of my suitcase and to fit in with the locals of the city,” she said.

Capsuling a timeless wardrobe

A few of Balli’s wardrobe essentials she packs on her trips.

The concept for a capsule wardrobe is small, classic and easy. Having a few quality, staple pieces on hand to build a wardrobe keeps things fresh and saves money.

“I did not have to do much shopping for this trip. I brought basic things I already had in my closet like black jeans, striped shirts and leather shoes, and added in some fun pieces to mix things up when I wanted,” she said. “I do this at home, too. I save so much money on clothes this way if I stick to the classics.”

Finding inspiration abroad

The 21-year-old student finds inspiration wherever she goes. She noted that the style in London is like nothing she has ever seen before, as locals incorporate both trending and timeless pieces in a chic way.

“The minute I stepped into the city I was amazed at how put together these women are. I’ve noticed a lot of people practice the capsule wardrobe concept, but at the same time, they throw in incredible shoes or accessories that have me drooling. I’m so tempted to compliment everyone I see. This trip has been great for design inspiration,” she said.

Talent beyond the dressing room

Balli’s designs can range from her closet to the big stage. Simone Odom, a fellow Southeastern theatre major, knows the talent Balli possesses no matter where she is.

“Knowing Sarah at school and now in London and seeing the way she dresses and the way she talks about fashion and design, I know she is going to get to go places in life,” Odom said. “She is really good at keeping things classy, but I see her thrifty side too, which is a good mix. She’s perfect for the theatre profession.”

Other classmates also notice her eye for design. Shelby Elliott, another Southeastern theatre major, explained her admiration for Balli’s style.

“I have never seen that girl look bad. She’s always so classic and put together, but has this crazy ability to mix up combos like socks and sandals and make it look great. I’m jealous,” Elliott said.

While Balli appreciates the runways each season, her favorite way to dress is with a minimalist, classic flair, and encouraged to always pack with that style in mind.

“My biggest tip for traveling abroad or anywhere is simple. Pack light, pack classic and pack according to your needs. Think of the weather at your destination first and go from there. Then, add in pieces that will never lose their style. I recommend denim, stripes, white tees, your favorite jacket and definitely a pair of comfy walking shoes,” she shared. 

From Balli’s perspective, keeping things classic never looked so good. With her expertise, a wardrobe for a trip abroad can be basic and simple, but far from boring.

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