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                           Vol. 2, No. 57– Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Alexis Minor Raising the Bar

By Tyler Rogers 

       Within the Broadcast Education Association, there are many aspirational, hardworking and leader-like members who strive to achieve new heights every day. This organization is very fortunate to have a secretary that encompasses each of the beforementioned qualities, Alexis Minor. Recently, Minor has been awarded the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Suncoast Chapter scholarship totaling $5,000 towards tuition and textbooks for the Fall semester, which is offered to television interested majors. This scholarship is a gift from the Gamma Beta Phi organization on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus, and is the direct result of hard work and perseverance. NATAS seeks to advance the field of television production and electronic media by presenting scholarships to talented and deserving students interested in making a difference in the field and their careers, as well as a positive impact on colleagues and professionals around them. The Gamma Beta Phi organization seeks students with a minimum 3.0 GPA, full-time student status, and dedication to serve at 20 hours yearly to supporting their community; criteria that fits Minor perfectly. She will continue to be a productive member of Gamma Beta Phi as a Sweetheart Officer going into the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. The Broadcast Education Association recently help its elections for the upcoming semester in which Minor has elected to continue serving as its Secretary. Not only in BEA, but Minor will also serve as the Secretary for the Honors Club during the 2018-2019 school year as well! Alexis Minor is someone who reaches far past her limits and always goes the extra mile as displayed in her campus involvement. Lastly, she hopes to be appointed as the Director of Communications and Marketing within the Student Government Association, and expects to hear an answer before the end of this school semester. If there’s anyone more suited to be in charge of all communications and marketing for the Student Government Association, it would be Alexis Minor. The BEA is excited to continue working with her, and wishes her the best in her future endeavors outside of the organization.


Compassion Making People Successful  

       Being compassionate does not make you easy to walk over and someone to push around but it establishes a better you and success rides back tail to those who are.


How to Ease into Difficult Situation  

       Handling difficult situation will come up and it’s better to understand how to ease into them and how to avoid common mistakes. These tips will help you next time with a difficult situation weather it’s at home or at work


How to Captivate your Audience 

       Your  open or close of your speech can really either bring it home or end up leaving audiences confused. Don’t leave your audience in a haze instead grasp their attention and keep it as you enlighten them about your topic or concern.


BEA Feature Story of the Day:

      The Future is BEA

By Raynell Jacobs 

       As the semester comes to an end so does the meetings the last meeting held on Thursday, for the Broadcast Education Association. At the meeting, elections were held for next semester and officers discussed their upcoming Media Festival. After minutes of deliberation, Tyler Rogers was re-elected as President; in addition, Tyler Thomas was elected as his Vice President. Also, with the upcoming graduation of Tara Barbe, Kyle Orleans was promoted to head of BEA News with Lorraine Weiskopf as his second in command. In addition, Hope Ramirez stepped down from her position as editor of the S.C.O.R.E Newsletter, and Allison Jones will take her position with the help of Emily Jones. Other officers of the organization such as Alexis Minor as Secretary, Emily Jones and Jordan Alfred as head of YouTube Creative, Zigian M as Treasurer. Toward the end of the meeting, President Tyler Rogers and other officers spoke on the possibility of coordinating the first BEA sponsored Media Festival in the fall semester. As of now, the festival will accept both video submissions and photography submissions as valid media for possible awards. Stay tuned in as the event has high hopes for October 30, 2018.


BEA Event of the Day April 4, 2018:

40 Years of Television 

        On Friday, May 4 at 10 am. in the University Center Room 133 Rick Rowe will be guest speaking. A legendary news reporter at KTBS in Shreveport, who was recently named the state’s “Best Photojournalist” by the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters (LAB) at their annual Prestige Awards. For more information regarding the guest speaker please contact or


Editor of the Day: Hope Ramirez (signing off) 


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