Phi Mu hosts Little/Big reveal

On September11 the Alpha Psi chapter of Phi Mu Sorority at Southeastern Louisiana University hosted their Big/Little Reveal at Spirit Professionals.

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Photo submitted by Madison Chauvin

“Bigs” are guides to new members of the sorority called “littles.” Members are matched up using a mutual listing process coordinated by the Phi Director.

This event was the finale for a week of secretive gift giving and anxious emotions. Throughout the week, each big decorated a board with her little’s interests in mind, all while keeping her identity a secret for the reveal.

“Big/Little week is pretty much the only week when it is acceptable to be stalked by someone,” says new member Jennifer Doss.

She, like many other members, appreciated the efforts of her big sisters. “My big knew exactly what I liked just by looking at my social media accounts. It made me feel cared about and special.”

The gymnasium of Spirit Professionals was filled with members, laughs and happy tears. One by one, littles stood in the middle of a circle and recited a few lines of a famous poem. Then, respective bigs jumped out of hiding to finish the poem and excitedly embrace her new sister.

Happiness overflowed the room as each little found her new guide to Greek life. “When I saw my big, I was so happy to see it was her. There were no thoughts, I just ran,” said freshman member Leah Dahmer.

The special bond between a big and little pair continues throughout college life. Sophomore member Madison Chauvin picked up her first little. “From the second I jumped out of the circle and revealed myself, I could see how great the rest of my journey in Phi Mu will be with her as my little,” she said. “I am so excited to guide her in our fraternity, in college and in her life. I know she will bring even more enrichment to mine.”

The women of Phi Mu host the Big/Little event each fall after recruitment week.

“Reveal day is like Christmas for sorority girls,” said junior member Hannah Landry. It is not only a sorority tradition, but an exciting day for new and old members alike.

Landry proudly reflected on the purpose of the reveal. “It brings the entire chapter closer together as we grow into an even better one.”

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