Safari Quest gives students a fun way to escape the pressures of school

[HAMMOND]- Safari Quests offers students a fun way to unwind from hectic school schedules and with prices any student can budget.

Safari Quest, located just minutes from Southeastern campus on Hewitt Road, is a little known place that can wake any inner child. Safari Quest offers several arcade style games like air hockey and basketball toss, but it is the not so average attractions that can really interest.

“Tuesdays are two for one laser tag games. Thursday are our ‘SLU Thursdays’. We offer three games of laser tag for $9.73 for students with a student I.D. At the end of the three rounds the winner wins $20,” said Terry Rowell, manager at Safari Quest, “It’s a way to double their money.”

The laser tag area is a two story enclosure lit only by black lights, eliminating the fluorescent  jungle motif and paw prints on the walls and floor. With the layout containing several hiding spots and turns, it can create a challenging atmosphere for any  gamer.

“Sometimes the football coach at Southeastern will bring the team in on Thursdays to play laser tag,” said Rowell, “We use to have more students come in, but lately we haven’t had as many.”

Safari Quest also offers a rope course suspended above the arcade area and human hamster balls.

“You put a harness on, climb up on the platform, and attach yourself to the safety line. Then you can go through the rope course above everyone,” said employee Angie Thomas.

“We are currently waiting on replacement hamster balls, but as soon as they arrive we will have two balls available again,” said Thomas, about the human hamster balls that are used in a small pool  in front of the building.

With student discounts and packages, Safari Quest can be a nice way for students to de-stress or simply to have fun with a little bit of friendly competition.

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