Restaurant Industry: A Place to Grow

Starting out as a dishwasher in a restaurant, at age 15, Lionel Scott never thought he would end up being in the rankings to become the general manager of the number one seafood restaurant in the Where Y’at Magazine of Metairie, La. In fact, Scott was attending a community college while working for his income at a local restaurant, while having these dreams.
Scott started at the bottom. “I started in the industry as a dishwasher while in high school. I learned as much as possible about each position in the restaurant and became a kitchen manager six years later,” says Scott.
At a young age, Scott knew if he wanted to progress in this industry, there would be some risks. “I was told that if I really wanted to grow in the industry, my manager at the time would work with me to become a manager; I would eventually move away from home and in a matter of a year have an operational management position,“ says Scott. His manager at a previous restaurant knew Scott was meant for this position and more.
Due to that previous manager, Scott moved from his current home town, and just one year later, received an operational management position. According to Scott, “I lived away from home for 10 years working in the industry as an Operational Manager, moving from state to state, one restaurant to another, seeking growth in the industry.” He has a goal to make it to the top and become the general manager of a portion of a top notch corporation.
Scott set out to reach a goal, and he successfully did so. Becoming General Manager of Acme Oyster House in Metairie, La. is his reward after years of hard work. Many envy and look up to the title and position that Scott holds. Little do they know the dedication and perseverance that such a title holds.
In addition, Scotts’ employees adore him. As a restaurant General Manager, this is crucial. A waitress working for Scott stated, “I have never worked for a senior manager that encourages, motivates and pushes me in a way that Lionel does; he makes me want to do better,” says Clenia Dimanche, a current employee of Scott. This man is meant for this industry. “Even though I don’t work at Acme anymore, I will never forget the lessons and examples of hard work that Lionel gave me that I have kept,” says a former employee, Erica Galiouras.
Aside from the motivation and examples Scott, daily, gives his employees, Scott takes giving back to the community very serious as well. Encouraging and buying a special and sanitized bin for used oyster shells gives Scott and his employees the opportunity to give back and restore our Gulf Coast coastlines. This is the current effort Acme Oyster House in Metairie, La. is taking in order to “give back.” This industry is not only worried about making money, but this location of Acme cares for the well being of the community around them.
Employees enjoy taking part in this. A long time employee and waitress, Jessica Daw stated that she makes sure to inform new employees about the separate bin, for oyster shells, because she admires the efforts that the company she works for puts into her community.
It is apparent working for this restaurant includes good salary, fun and charitable opportunities. Acme Oyster House in Metairie, with Scott as General Manager, is clearly a worthwhile business to work for.
This restaurants’ reputation revolves around its staff. Scott says, “The owners of the corporation and the management group I work with really care about the employees of the company, which makes a great company to work for, knowing it is an employer driven company.” The staff works to make management happy, and their guests, knowing that their managers care, cater and relate to their needs.
Being a great leader in this type of business is not just a title. A general manager must have the respect of the entire restaurant team. The way a manager manages not only affects the waiting team, but it also affects the entire staff. According the Scott, “The life of a general manager can be overwhelming at times, but remembering how you would want to be lead, things will fall into place and employees will follow.”
Taking full ownership of your restaurant requires the ability to obtain influence. According to LJ Trascher, under Scott’s management team, “respecting your managers’ skills and the standards they set for not only what they practice , but also what they preach, are worthy of their trust and ethic.”
Positivity, ethic, hard work, dedication and example are what make successful General Managers and businesses.

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