Republicans or Democrats?? what’s your vote??

By Kendra Boyd and Yolanda Turner

On Oct. 28, students from Dr. Narro’s Comm. 400 class did a survey on college republicans and democrats on Southeastern’s campus. The survey was done to find out the status of active students on campus.

Ashley Moore, a freshman at Southeastern was given a survey with three questions to answer. The survey asked the following questions: do you plan to vote on Tuesday’s election, are a Democrat or Republican, and what party do you think should control the Congress after the midterms. Moore smiled and returned the paper with the statement, “Oh, I do not vote, sorry.”

Amanda A. Krajanvic, a senior at Southeastern, said, “I would love to vote, but I am unable to do so because I do not have citizenship. I love America and hope to one day come and make a home for myself and start a family here.” Krajanvic is from Australia.
Sitting next to Krajanvic, was Samantha Smith, a junior at southeastern, who grabbed a paper and was more than happy to oblige. Smith said, “I wish more students would get involved with important issues such as this.  Freedom has come with a cost and if we do not become active with our voices, then we will lose it all over again,” said Smith.

Commissioner Strain

video courtesy of Hunter Carter

More than half of those surveyed had never voted, 15 percent are republicans; 15 percent are undecided; 10 percent are not citizens; and 5 percent are democrat.

Samantha Royal, a junior at Southeastern, said, “I am a Democrat, but I hope that the Republicans gain control of the house.”

Hunter Carter, the president of the College Republicans at Southeastern said, “I think that the Republicans should win, not just because I am a Republican; the Democrat Party had a chance and tried to do it and was ineffective to do so.”

Carter said, “The democrat party is inactive. In order to make a change, we all have to be part of the change making process.”

video courtesy: Hunter Carter


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