Religious group brings crowd to student union

By Crystal Schayot

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, a religious group called Consumming Fire Fellowship brought dozens of students to watch the group’s protest at the War Memorial Student Union. Some students counter protested by creating their own signs or by laying down in the middle of the protest.

Crystal Schayot

Members of the Consuming Fire Fellowship attracted crowds of student to the student union during their protest on Southeastern Louisiana University's campus.

A Southeastern student lays down in the middle of the commotion as a counter protest.

Religious protesters armed themselves with banners warning students to turn from sin and 'Obey God'

Crystal Schayot

Some held signs with a more aggressive message threatening a consequence of damnation.

Dozens of Southeastern students gathered to watch the protest and some created their own signs to display.

This article was written in conjunction with “In Pursuit of the First Amendment,” an awareness campaign sponsored by the Southeastern Press Club. This student run campaign is focused on raising awareness of the First Amendment and the issues surrounding it. The student photographer is a sophomore at Southeastern Louisiana University.

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