Relief for Small Business

Monday March 22 Gov. Greg Abbott held a roundtable meeting with small business leaders to discuss Covid-19 liability legislation.

Abbott discussed the importance of fostering a strong business climate, supporting the small business community in Texas and the need for Covid-19 liability protections for businesses that operated safely throughout the pandemic. 

Earlier this year, Abbott named Covid-19 liability protection as an emergency item for the legislative session.

Also in attendance was State Senate Kelly Hancock who is also the chair of the Texas Senate’s Business and Commerce committee.

The food service industry was especially hit hard. The latest estimate from the Texas Restaurant Association is that the pandemic led to the failure of more than 11,000 Texas restaurants.

State Rep. Jeff Leach, who was also in attendance at the roundtable meeting stated the government is expected to deliver on small businesses behalf on tax reform, health care reform, regulator reform and torrent reform to make to make sure no one profits off the crisis at small businesses expense.

Gov. Abbott states more businesses will be able to open up and get back to running their businesses as usual before the pandemic knowing the state will receive an increasing amount of vaccines every week moving forward. 

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