Refunds are here

Refunds have been distributed, but some students have not received their money yet. On Aug. 31, 2015 Southeastern’s financial aid office started to distribute refund money to students to who are eligible to receive it.

A month has almost passed and many students have questions about why they haven’t received their funds for school yet. According to the Southeaster’s website all students have a debit card called the “My Lion Card” which allows them to receive their money when it is ready to be deposited.FullSizeRender

There are charges to students using the card. Small fees apply when students use the card as a debit.  and a small fee is charged for withdrawing money from a different ATM.  It is supposed to be an easier way for students to receive their money at one time on a Southeastern credit/ debit card, but students seem to be running into problems.

To some students refund time is really important to them, but some are still trying to figure out how to get the money.

“Students are having trouble with receiving their money because they do not know how to activate the card. If they do not activate their card it will take an extra two and half weeks to receive a check in the mail,” says Kayleigh Catalanatto. “The students believe that they are just going to receive a check in the mail and that is not it. Some students even throw away the card because they know they do not receive any money back. If there is a time where the student may receive money back, they will have to go to the controller’s office to get a new card, or they can just wait for a check in the mail.”

If a student does not receive their money by a certain time, it can simply be because they did not press a specific button on their LEONET to accept the credit. For answers call the financial aid office at 985-549-2244.

Haley Kennedy states that one big question for students is “why their refund isn’t as much as they expected.” There are many reasons why they may not receive that much money.  The most common reason students receive a refund is because they ask for more money in alternative loans or receive grants.  Students often do not know that they may have to pay that money back.

There are some students who think they will receive money, but sadly they are not able to get it. They do not know how to look at their LEONet to see if they are eligible.If students are not eligible for scholarships, or grants, there are alternative loans that can help.  The main point is to understand where the money is coming from and if it has to be paid back or not.

It is important as young adults to look ahead and manage finances before getting behind.  Find a way to manage bills and school and make sure to live within an average student’s means.  This will prevent a sky-high amount of debt from being accumulated throughout college.  

There is no exact date when the refund money will stop being distributed. If you have not received the money yet, no worries Raegan Hebert says “the money will show up on the card on a Monday at 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.” Students have to make sure that they kept track of what’s going on, and do what they are supposed to do to receive their money.



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