Reconnect Farmers Market


The Reconnect Farmers Market took place this Monday the 21st and gain the support of many fellow students. Hosted by Southeastern’s own Reconnect. Reconnect is a student program that gives them an opportunity to help educate the campus community about environmental and sustainability issues while connecting with other student groups.

They also work with the Youth Wetlands Program to help educate the younger generations about the negative impacts of pollution and the importance of sustainable practices. The President of Reconnect Erin Vzee said, “The Farmers Market is about giving back to the community we live in and to help bring organic food to Southeastern. All the proceeds the farmers make go directly to them so that way the money is going directly back to the community.”

With the Farmers Market the event had many things such as organic grown food sold by local farmers, cooking demonstrations, and much more. Troy Deano a local chef gave a cooking demonstration featuring home favorites such as po-boys and fresh seared collard greens. Deano worked at Besh Restaurant Group for seven years, serving as Sous Chef at Luke San Antonio, Besh Steakhouse New Orleans and La Provence, and now at 18 Steak in the Baton Rouge L’auberge .

He emphasized the appreciation of the farm to table movement saying, “Local food is the best you can get, even if it costs just a bit more that idea of giving back to the local economy and knowing the food you prepare is fresh is the most important thing.”

The next date of the Farmers Market is to be designated until then always remember to give back to the community.

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