By Alexis Duplessis 


The members of the organization were divided into four groups and were given different crisis to discuss if the PR teams handled them properly.

The first topic discussed was the Logan Paul YouTube video, where Logan Paul and his team filmed the dead body of a man in a forest in Japan known as the “Suicide Forest”. Paul received a lot of backlash from fans and other individuals expressing how posting that video was a extremely disturbing and very disrespectful towards the deceased man and his family. To respond to the overwhelming hate Paul received, he videoed himself apologizing for his actions explaining how he “doesn’t expect to be forgiven, he is simply posting a video to apologize”. The members of the group thought his PR team made a good decision making Paul post the apology video himself, but they did not think it was a sincere apology. The group also felt that his team should have taken greater precaution before letting Paul post a video with that type of content.

The next topic discussed was the controversy over Dick’s Sporting Goods announcing that they will be changing the age requirement for purchasing guns to 21 years old in response to the school shooting in Florida. After the CEO announced the changes that he plans to make to the company, he received a lot of backlash from people around the country. The members felt that the company’s PR team did a good job defending their reasoning for making these changes in their stores.

Another topic discussed was the Harambe incident in 2016.The members were asked to give feedback on whether or not they felt like the zoo’s facultyhandled the situation properly. To validate their point, the members explained how the zoo would’ve gotten much more criticism if the little boy would have died. The members stated that many other zoo’s from around the country thought that the zoo handled the situation exactly how they were supposed to.

The last topic discussed was the H&M controversy over the African American model wearing a sweatshirt from their jungle collection that stated, “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. H&M responded that there was no racial prejudice behind that specific boy wearing that sweatshirt and they also stated that the little boy’s mother approved of the picture before posting it to the public. For the most part, the members of the group agreed that the situation was handled well, considering all of the negative feedback they received.

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