Psychology Curriculum: 10 New Courses Accepted


Southeastern Louisiana University’s psychology curriculum was granted an upgrade during the monthly University Curriculum Council meeting on Oct. 31, 2016.

The council decided to add 10 new courses that are offered “As Needed” during each semester for psychology majors and minors. Every course is worth three credit hours and are all lecture focused.

There are now two additional concentration courses that can be taken with a psychology major. One of the concentrations is PSYCH 452: Industrial Psychology, and before students can enroll in the course, they must have the prerequisite course PSYCH 101 or the consent of the department head. The second course is PSYCH 353: Intro to Applied Behavioral. The prerequisites are PSYCH 343 or department head consent. A student also has the option to choose either as a concentration within their major.

Chairman of the University Curriculum Council, Dr. Timothy Hudson said these courses were approved because the field of psychology is constantly changing. He went on to say that many professors move on and new educators specialize in many of these studies. “It is important to keep up with trends in every field of study,” stated Hudson.

The other eight course descriptions of the new classes and appropriate prerequisites can be found in the course catalog: PSYCH 223: Professional Issues in Psychology, PSYCH 251: Group Dynamics, PSYCH 345: Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood, PSYCH 324: Psychology of Infancy and Childhood, PSYCH 364: Tests and Measurement, PSYCH 458: Applied Behavioral Analysis: Research Method, PSYCH 460: Applied Behavioral Analysis: Behavioral Interventions, and PSYCH 470: Organizational Psychology.


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