Project PULL Allows Mentors to Assist Freshman

A program called Project PULL held an interest meeting at 5:30 p.m. on April 27 at Southeastern Louisiana University, in search of mentors needed to orient beginning freshman to the transition of college.

The meeting was sponsored by Multicultural and International Student Affairs and takes students who are familiar with the college campus and pairs them with oncoming freshman to ease them into the college atmosphere.

Students willing to participate in the program filled the Student Union, and applications to join the program were made available. Refreshments were provided as well as an introduction from the program’s director and Admissions Counselor, Marjorie Parker.

“Project PULL stands for Promoting Unity through Leadership and Learning, which is exactly what makes the program so special. We give mentors opportunities to guide freshman through not only learning the campus, but learning what makes an effective student,” said Parker. Parker continued saying, “It not only gives the new students a sense of security, but because we emphasize a ‘family’ relationship amongst the university, you always feel a sense of belonging when you are at Southeastern. We care about the success of the student and ensuring that they are not only prepped for school, but also real world experiences.”

The reception room held many activities to engage students, and many students signed up for the program this semester. One of those students, Chelsea Alexandria, a Sociology undergraduate from Lafayette said, “To be honest, Southeastern was not one of my first choices. But when I came on campus for a tour, they made me feel at home. I’d like to have an impact like that on someone’s experience here.”


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