Student’s songs increase sales at Pride Cafe

Taylor Larch gives and acoustic performance during Pride Café Unplugged.

Taylor Larch gives and acoustic performance during Pride Café Unplugged.

Pride Café Unplugged
To help increase revenue at Pride Café, students, faculty and alumni can now give performances in the Pennington Activity Center on Tuesday nights during a two hour entertainment session called Pride Café Unplugged.

De’Anne Mckell, General Manager of Pride Café, said that it is available to all students willing to perform, regardless of academic major.

According to McKell, fliers were posted around campus, mainly in Pottle Hall, in hopes of reaching out to students to make them aware of Pride Café Unplugged.

Pride Café Unplugged began during the last week of December said McKell. Since then, only one of four students have actually performed on their scheduled night.

Taylor Larch, Junior, who performed Tues. Jan. 5, said he was notified by a friend who asked if he could perform the day of because of a cancellation.

McKell said that lack of student participation is due to lack of awareness.

“I’m just doing this for fun,” said Larch. Wearing a loose blue button down shirt, cargo shorts and flip-flops, he performed soulful, acoustic covers of songs like “Marvin’s Room” by Drake, “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King, and “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5.

Sofia Garcia-Morol, Freshman and friend of Larch, said that it was her first time hearing him play. “His sound is so relaxing,” she said.
“I began playing about a year and a half ago,” said Larch. His first ever live performance was for friends on a beach around a bonfire and he learned by taking a class offered at Southeastern.

“This is soothing,” said Sophomore Victoria McLin while watching Larch. “It’s a comfortable environment.”

McKell said she would like to include other forms of entertainment like poetry and stand-up comedy. “We haven’t found anyone interested yet,” she said.

According to McKell, faculty and alumni are encouraged to participate. “We’ve had faculty ask if they can play, but none have signed up yet.”

McKell said that students, faculty and alumni wanting to participate can sign up in the Pennington Activity Center.

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