Preparing for Finals

Preparing for Finals
By: Kendra Boyd

Hammond- Finals week is upon students at Southeastern, and preparing for finals is no easy task.

Academic Support and Advising staff provide tips and tricks that can help any student get an A on his or her finals; but first, each student has to decide which method of studying best suits him or her.

“Each student needs to figure out the best way that they study and, ultimately, how they prepare for finals,” said Ruby Everett, tutor for Student Support Services. “For example, for some students, a study group might be helpful, but for others, they might not — (it) depends on all the people involved. As far as types of tests, it again depends on the individual taking the test. Some people do better at essay and some prefer multiple choices.”

Some students said they think it’s better to find a good place to study before they work.

“What helps me with my study habits is being in a good environment like a library and having good notes for myself and then seeing how they correspond to what other students have,” said Montranette Anderson, a senior computer information systems major.

“There are numerous routes a student could take when they are studying, but the best is not to procrastinate and be efficient when they hit the books quotes.

According to a workshop outline that Everett provided, there is a technique students can do to help them study more effectively. It’s called “reverse planning.”

In this plan, students list upcoming exams and estimate how much time they need to study for each exam. Students study according to how difficult the final might be for each class.

“Reverse planning is an excellent way to plan out what has left to be done for the semester and when to do it,” Everett said. “This is what I would suggest for all students to do.”

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