Prasie In Motion


Febuary 22, 2012

Prasie In Motion

[Hammond] Southeastern’s Prasie in motion meeting was held feb. 22 at 7p.m to disgust the upcoming events and new guidelines to make the 2012, gossple confrence. The three day event will be held at the New Birth Baptist church in Atlanta, Goriga. This year the dates will be later in April during spring break.

There are two steps to achive inorder to be eligible for the confrence. Initially you have to be a member for one full semester with a GPA of 2.5 or higher , following they would have to belong to a other organization to show they could balance priorities. This trip is an awsome experience for christians to inprove there faith.

Parker says “ Be prepared for the best because we only will accomplish greatness.

The confrence will consist of  three dances if Prasie in Motion make finals then one spontaneus dance after with great rewards. Hotel expenses are covered due to the fact last year competion was canclled so all fees were saved.

In order to make the team to prepare for next years confrence just show up ready to pour your heart out to the Lord and give them your best.




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