Praise N Motion: The story told through dance




There’s an organization with a group of 12 members on campus called “Praise N Motion”. The organization began on Southeastern campus five years ago with five members and is listed as a religious organization on Southeastern website.

Praise N Motion’s purpose is to give an outlet to those students who believe in God and have a passion to dance. The organization serves as an opportunity to praise and worship God through the expression of what’s called, liturgical dance.

Praise N Motion President, Ariel Green explained her reason for joining, “The group was a way for me to stay connected to my faith and share the love of dance with others!”

The members hold a bible study once a month and use that opportunity to also learn more about the songs used for dance routines. The members also utilize that time by sharing amongst each other, talking about issues they may be experiencing and uplifting one another.

According to Green, some members since becoming members of Praise N Motion have been baptized.

Green says the organization is more of a sisterhood right now. However, Praise N Motion is a coed organization, but no males have participated in the last two years.  The organization is excited about the school year and the opportunity to grow and have more students join. Upcoming events are being prepared to get new members.

The organization’s goals each semester is to do four events per semester whether on or off campus.  The group holds an annual fall and spring show.

The story here is, young adults away from home for the first time in their lives are doing something positive without the watchful eyes of their parents. No one is putting pressure on these students to be a part of a religious organization.

There are organizations on Southeastern campus motivated to help students endure the college experience with their peers and also by interacting with the community. Praise N Motion is one of those organizations who is striving to do their part to make an impact.

Praise N Motion will be dancing somewhere on campus soon bringing the good news with positive messages to campus life and throughout the community.

If you are interested in joining Praise N Motion, Green says, “You just need to be a believer in God and have a desire to dance! No previous dance experience is needed! We will work with you!” 

The organization meets in the Pennington Student Activity Center on Mondays in Room 225 from 7-8:30 p.m. and Wednesdays in Room 108 from 6-8:30 p.m.

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