Potential gaming club coming to Southeastern: press start to begin

The idea of a gaming club could soon become a reality within Southeastern Louisiana University. The gaming club could bring gamers together for a round of competitive and friendly action.

This potential gaming club, is intended to be a haven for all kinds of students who enjoy many kinds of gaming, whether competitive or friendly. For example, a group of people who enjoy playing a game such as “Super Smash Bros” can get together and have a good time playing each other.

Tyler Laiche, a marketing senior, is the student responsible for the idea of the gaming club, named the Southeastern Louisiana University Gaming Club, or SELUGC for short.

Laiche said, “I have already turned in all paper work for the club to become official.”

The only thing missing for the gaming club to become recognized as an official club is the confirmation.

Rather than appealing to just one kind of game, Laiche wants to appeal to all kinds of gamers. Examples include board games, card games, video games, etc.

Laiche said any student is welcome that have a passion for gaming and meeting new people. Laiche’s reason for creating this new club is to build a community where students who enjoy gaming can get together and build friendships.


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