Ponchatoula’s Annual Art and Wine Stroll Is Here

Ponchatoula will have their annual Art & Wine Stroll on Saturday, Sept 14.

This event occurs every year in downtown Ponchatoula. Ponchatoula Chamber of Commerce is constantly promoting the businesses that make up Ponchatoula. It is made up of volunteers that help local businesses and individuals that live there get their name out. They throw events such as Strawberry Festival and the Christmas Lighting Festival. One of the events that is approaching is the Art & Wine Stroll. People are referring to this as a “smaller Strawberry Festival.” There will be food, drinks, music and a lot of art.

Kyla Broussard is one of the volunteers at the Chamber of Commerce that is in charge of this event. “It is going to be a very good Saturday night,” she says while talking about the Art & Wine Stroll. There will be over 40 artists that are participating in the event, adults and children. The artwork is for sale and also on display for people to just admire and the artists to show off. There will also be over 30 businesses that are participating. They will have drink specials and meal specials going on during the event. The events that Ponchatoula throws such as this one brings in people to the town that usually would not come out. They try new places they normally would not try which helps the local businesses get their names out there.  Louisiana Purchase is doing samples of beer and punch, The Pub has two for one draft beers and many other bars and restaurants have specials like this. Not only do the restaurants have specials during this event, but they also have booths inside them set up by local businesses where people at the event can learn about them. According to the chamberofcommerce.org, about 20% of small businesses go under in the first year. This is why events like this are so important for the town of Ponchatoula.

Artists and vendors do not have to pay a fee to participate in the Art & Wine Stroll. This event is for them to get their name out there and bring the community together. There will be a 20$ fee for wristbands in order to drink the wine. This is a family-friendly event that has been packed every year with people coming out to enjoy it. Business is booming that weekend for the places located in downtown Ponchatoula, which is the goal of the chamber of commerce.

This is a family-friendly event that is fun for adults and children. There will be face painting by artists, cotton candy and popcorn. People can walk around and sample assorted wines while visiting the local shops. They can look at the artwork of local school children and local artists. There will also be live music by duets and trios in multiple spots.

Not only are the people going to the event excited, but the people working at the event are excited too. One of the bars located in the middle of this event is Rainbow Daiquiris. Kacie Ezell, an alumni at Southeastern who is the manager at Rainbows said, “It is very busy. There is so many people walking around and coming in for our wine. It is so busy that we have to have three people working that night. We sell a lot of ice cream as well. By the time the Art & Wine Stroll is over with, we are super exhausted! The tips are great too!” People coming in for these businesses to enjoy the drink and meal specials not only give the owners opportunities to earn money, but also their employees. The Art & Wine Stroll will start at 5pm Saturday and is open to the public.

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