Pokemon Go losing interest around campus


[Hammond, LA] –  Players of Pokemon Go at Southeastern have complained about bugs and flaws in the game, resulting in a drop of players.

Clarissa Sampey, the coordinator for Student Productivity Services at Southeastern and a Pokemon Go player said she played just as much now as she did when the game first came out.

The app is clever and engaging by bringing students to interesting and historical places.  I’m excited to see how it can evolve. I think it helps people meet one another and strike up conversations,” said Sampey.  

Sampey also said that there are problems, such as the lack of variety in Pokemon around campus.  

Mason Dauphin, the vice president of the Broadcast Education Association. Dauphin owns all of the original Pokemon games, but he has decided to steer clear of the app.

“It took too much time to be decent at all.  All of my friends were into it way too much, and keeping up with them would have required too much playing. The game should be updated more often, the people who played it made it seem like more of a chore than a game,” said Dauphin.

Players supporting Dauphin’s opinion gave their insight.  Rebecca Lee, a nursing major on Team Valor said, “I definitely play less now.  I don’t have enough free time.”  

Jessica Firmin, a photography major on Team Instinct said that Niantic Inc. delivered too many false promises, and that the current gym system is too unchallenging.  “It’s repetitive with very little reward for trying so hard,” said Firmin.  

If anyone knows about the lack of reward, it is Trey Romage, a business administration major on Team Mystic. Romage said that he even spent $40 on the game, but stopped after level 19 because he felt that there was nothing left to do.

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