Pineview Middle School offers help to education majors

Photo by Melissa Bordelon

[COVINGTON]— Pine View Middle School in Covington holds an after-school program to help college students obtain field experience hours. Roy Heidelburg, the head of 21st Century, organizes small lessons and homework opportunities for Pine View Middle School students after regular school hours in order to help Southeastern students and provide additional opportunities for education majors.

From 3:40 to 5:40 Monday through Thursday evenings, these teachers, volunteers and Southeastern students help tutor fourth through sixth graders.  Cooking class, computer lab time and homework are the focuses of the two hours spent after school.  This program allows for student socialization and allows them to learn life-skills that help outside of academic needs, while providing for particular needs with homework and subject help.

“We know how hard it is for students to get hours,” says Heidelburg.

In order to help Southeastern Louisiana University students in need of required field experience, this program runs later in the day. It
allows for hands-on learning and observations, which is mandatory for education majors at Southeastern.

It requires less faculty, has less students, and inspires fun learning, in contrast to daytime schooling.

“It’s 21st Century—it’s supposed to be fun,” says Harlon Pine II, a teacher at Pine View Middle School.

Because this program has a more relaxed atmosphere than what is normally seen, it gives Southeastern students an opportunity to be in the classroom without such a tight schedule and strict set of 
guidelines. Though this temperament has potential, it does allow for small problems to arise.

In reference to disciplinary problems in his sixth grade class, Pine says, “They want this to be more relaxed, but you see what happens when you loosen up?  Things get a little out of hand.”

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